A Trap God Finessed My Heart by Tasha Nashay - PDF and EPUB eBook

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Growing up, Zariah had it made. Both parents in the same home, wealth, and a life full of happiness. However, one can have it...

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Details of A Trap God Finessed My Heart

Exact title of the book
A Trap God Finessed My Heart
Book author
Tasha Nashay
Book edition
Kindle Edition
June 11th 2019 by Leo Sullivan Presents
File size (in PDF)
about 300 kB
A Trap God Finessed My Heart

Some brief overview of book

Growing up, Zariah had it made. Both parents in the same home, wealth, and a life full of happiness. However, one can have it all, and God can take it away within a blink of an eye.

After an unexpected tragedy, Zariah finds herself without a father, and her mother is in a coma. When her last living relative besides her mother takes Zariah in, she believes that things are finally looking up. Unfortunately, she’s wrong.

Rape, abuse, and beatings become part of her everyday life once she enters her Aunt Kim’s apartment. Zariah went from luxury to hell in her aunt’s Section 8 apartment, which was located in one of the most dangerous projects in Atlanta, GA. There seemed to be no way out until her talent became her breakthrough, and she found love in a hopeless place.

Kendrick aka KD is one of Atlanta's notorious drug dealers, but he also owns the hottest record label in the south. Respected by the streets and the industry, he's known to be about his business. It was always money over everything until he met Zariah, someone worth settling down for.

When trouble comes knocking, he tries his hardest to protect her from his vicious lifestyle, but can he? Tiny, the projects’ local thot, had a harder life than most. In order to feed her younger siblings, she often had to sell her body.

With her mother strung out on crack, Tiny has to do anything she can to survive and provide for her family. She's determined to make it out of the hood and does the unthinkable to get there. Sasha, the daughter of a music promoter, is determined to follow her dreams and become Atlanta's hottest vocalist.

However, with her father paralyzed, and her mother walking out on her family, she can't catch a break. Although she doesn’t mind caring for her father, Sasha wonders when she will have a chance to care for herself. Three young women with three different struggles come together to chase their dreams despite the many obstacles in their way.

The drama never seems to let up in this circle of friends.