Blame It On Me: A BWWM Omnibus by Candace Mumford - PDF and EPUB eBook

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This three book short story omnibus contains stories of women in love who decided to take drastic measures to change the course...

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Details of Blame It On Me: A BWWM Omnibus

Exact title of the book
Blame It On Me: A BWWM Omnibus
Book author
Candace Mumford
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
127 pages
May 17th 2019 by A.N.C. Media Publishing
File size (in PDF)
508 kB
Blame It On Me: A BWWM Omnibus

Some brief overview of book

This three book short story omnibus contains stories of women in love who decided to take drastic measures to change the course of their love lives. Be it misplaced revenge,(Karma Is a Bitch- And So Am I) taking a step back with distance and coming back together, (The Conversation) or a supernatural love coming on the scene and changing your entire world ( Watch Over Me). All books are BWWM Interracial stories.

Karma Is A Bitch ( And So Am I) Meet Tanya, one half of what she thought was a loving and stable six year marriage until Donna entered the picture. This goes out to all the woman who have been cheated on and to the women who made the choice to sleep with a man who didn't belong to them. You make think you have him now .

But let's be real, they always try to go back home. It's no fun when the rabbits got the gun is it? The Conversation Camaya's relationship with the love of her life Quincy has hit a serious brick wall.

Every woman wants to say if she's cheated on she's out the door. The reality is that when you're in love, leaving is easier said than done. What lengths is a Camaya willing to go through to save her relationship with Quincy?

The ultimate question Amaya's aiming to find the answer to, is Quincy even worth the fight? When Quincy realizes he's messed up a great relationship what is he willing to do to right his wrongs and gain Amaya's trust. Find out when this couple has a very important...conversation Watch Over Me Everyone has someone watching over them....who said it was a cherubic looking Angel or your Aunt Ida who passed away before you were born?

Meet Lucas Moore- A handsome disgruntled ghost mad at everyone because he was taken out too soon. What happens when a dead bad boy decides to take you under his wing ? Caprice Davis is about to find out.

Dealing with a boyfriend who dumps her after six years, a condescending mother and an older sister who could care less. Whose watching out for Caprice ? Lucas is.

Lucas: I'm a ghost and I do have certain powers. Ever have a particularly “real “ dream you were having sex with someone ? Wake up to an intense orgasm.

Yeah. That was probably someone like me. Ever been masturbating and you pleased yourself so good you made your DAMN self-feel brand new?

You know like screw a man ! I'm good being single. That orgasm was courtesy of someone like me.

Don't get me wrong it is against the rules. We're not supposed to do it, but it happens. All day every day.