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I always used to research the nutritional information and health benefits of certain foods, but it wasn't until I decided...

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Details of Derived from keto

Exact title of the book
Derived from keto
Book author
Shayne Douglas Letting
Book edition
Number of pages
98 pages
May 23rd 2019 by Blurb
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392 kB
Derived from keto

Some brief overview of book

I always used to research the nutritional information and health benefits of certain foods, but it wasn't until I decided to develop my own diet, that I realised I didn't know exactly what my body needed, after all we are a very highly complex organism, it took me around two years to research everything the body needed, the best foods to get all the nutrients from and then putting it all into a meal plan, the hardest part for me was trying to squeeze everything into one day, eventually I managed to get everything in that my body needed, i also managed to include more dietary components, which you get on a daily basis. I wanted the book to be easy to read and easy to understand, so I have tried to keep it simple and tried not to go into too much detail. I also structured the book in such a way that it forces you to do your own research for example, looking up the pH of an avocado or finding out how much protein there is, per 100 grams of lobster.

Keep an eye out for my next book called derived from keto, protogenic living which will include lots of new topics, like the possible anti-cancerous effects of a ketogenic style of diet, intermittent fasting, which stimulates stem cell growth, what not to ingest, e.g. table salt, sweeteners and processed bacon, dental health, growing new enamel and repairing cavities and lots more super foods that I have discovered, for example, I use the herb thyme a lot now because of its powerful antioxidant properties. I'm also delving into the processes of recycling nitrogen to make more proteins, which is what bears do when hibernating, which seems to increase the muscle mass of the bear. I have a support group on facebook called low carb, keto, protogenic, healthy eating community for more info, any questions and lots of suitable recipes for our new healthy lifestyle.

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