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Dirty Laundry takes places in Houston Texas where Rashad Bell has spent most of life with his mom. His mom has had cancer for...

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Details of Dirty Laundry

Exact title of the book
Dirty Laundry
Book author
Cecil Harris
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
43 pages
April 12th 2018
File size (in PDF)
172 kB
Dirty Laundry

Some brief overview of book

Dirty Laundry takes places in Houston Texas where Rashad Bell has spent most of life with his mom. His mom has had cancer for the past 15 years and it is killing her. When she passes away Rashad has no father around and his entire family is in Illinois so he bounces from home until one night.

One night he moves in with a gay couple who agree to take him in. After a week of staying with them, they force rap Rashad after he gets out of the shower. He couldn't fight them back because they were stronger than him.

When the incident was over Rashad ran to the police station as fast as he could. They put him in a room where there were seven other kids who the same adults molested them. That night the eight kids made a special bond.

A police officer called Pastor Bishop to take Rashad in. The pastor arrived to pick up Rashad and took him in until he was 18. Rashad went to college for a while and returned to become a deacon.

People disagreed with Rashad being a deacon at a young age. Rashad was always leaving sermons and returning smelling funny. Sister Pearl followed and seen that he was having sex in the shed with another man.

Everyone was upset and pissed and wanted Rashad kicked out. Pastor Bishop talked to Rashad before dinner that night. Mad at the pastor after he left the house he snuck back in and killed the pastor and his family except for one child.

Darren was 12 when Rashad took him from his family. They had a funeral for the family and read the will that Rashad was the next in to be the pastor. Five years later Darren turned 17 and grew huge affection for Rashad.

Darren becomes a major attention at his school and Rashad found out after seeing the text in his phone. He confronts Darren and that have a huge fight with broken glass and objects all over the place. Five years later after high school, Darren decided to go to an out of state college.

He returns a little later as a transfer student with a new man. Rashad gets mad and kicks both of them out of the house. While Sister Pearl is digging up the truth about Rashad.

Darren thinks his new man King will be his perfect man but is wrong. Time and time again he beats Darren and most the time for no reason. He finally texts Rashad to come to his rescue.

He arrives and beats the hell out of King. Sister Pearl interrupts the beating and uncovers the truth to Rashad. She tells him to confess to the church and he does.

They kick him out and he and Darren move away to Houston. King is upset and takes over the church until King bugs Darren's phone and tracks him down. King shot the couple while they were sleeping and burnt the house down.

News reached home and people were sad. Sister Pearl goes to a bar and drinks her life away and stumbles out of the bar only to get hit by a car. Want to find out more about this juicy store just purchase the book to find more shocks and surprises.