Enemies to Lovers: A Romance Collection by Aubrey Wright - PDF and EPUB eBook

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From Amazon Top 10 bestselling author Aubrey Wright comes an enemies to lovers romance collection so sexy you won’t be able to...

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Details of Enemies to Lovers: A Romance Collection

Exact title of the book
Enemies to Lovers: A Romance Collection
Book author
Aubrey Wright
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
1058 pages
May 22nd 2019
File size (in PDF)
4232 kB
Enemies to Lovers: A Romance Collection

Some brief overview of book

From Amazon Top 10 bestselling author Aubrey Wright comes an enemies to lovers romance collection so sexy you won’t be able to put it down! Also included is a brand new, never-before-released full-length novel Single Daddy Rescue . Single Daddy Rescue NEVER BEFORE RELEASED!

Mountain Man. Single Daddy. Mysteriously wealthy. Look, I didn’t mean to run off the road.

I didn’t mean to hit his big ass tree. And I damn sure didn’t mean to get stuck in a snowstorm with him. Roman is definitely not your typical wilderness man.

A complicated onion I wanted to unpeel was more like it. I didn’t know if I should be scared for my life, or turned on. Soon, my life will be in danger.

And I’ll find out just how far Roman will go to protect me. Hate You Less AN AMAZON TOP 30 BESTSELLER The prick left without saying a word. Took my virginity and broke my heart in one fell swoop.

Now we're reunited, and stuck in a damn blizzard. He was my best friend’s older brother. The hot jock every girl wanted.

But that doesn’t excuse his assholeness. He better keep that charming smile to himself. You know the smile.

The one that makes panties melt into thin air. My mission: Make it through my bestie’s wedding with my panties still intact. I still hate him.

And love him. What do they call that? Oh yeah.

Insanity. Crush AN AMAZON TOP 20 BESTSELLER Blind date for Valentine’s day? Oh wait, I know her.

She’s my childhood enemy. And very off limits. We were eighteen when we first met.

She was stepping out of the pool. A goddess rising from the water. I was the cocky prick that said everything wrong.

My attempt to hide my real desire. We didn’t act back then, but now we’re all grown up. And a blind Valentine's date is about to throw us into the fire.

If the wrong people find out about our relationship, we’re screwed. My enemy just stepped into the lion’s den. And this lion’s hungry.

Hate Loving You AN AMAZON TOP 40 BESTSELLER I gave him my virginity and he broke my damn heart. Now he’s back in town for my big brother’s wedding. And we’re stuck in this chapel together.

Still the same ol' Carter. Cool with a capital “C”. Enough swagger to charm the panties off every cheerleader.

Well, my panties aren’t going anywhere. What he did to me was unforgivable. Or so I thought.

The cocky prick is still my enemy. So why am I headed to his damn room? Hotel key in one hand, and my heart in the other.