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After the death of their uncle, a brother and sister learn that their ancestors were notorious pirates that sailed the ocean on...

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Details of Tales of the Irish Rose

Exact title of the book
Tales of the Irish Rose
Book author
Jerry D. Young
Book edition
Kindle Edition
May 20th 2019 by Creative Texts Publishers, LLC
File size (in PDF)
about 300 kB
Tales of the Irish Rose

Some brief overview of book

After the death of their uncle, a brother and sister learn that their ancestors were notorious pirates that sailed the ocean on the feared warship The Irish Rose. The subsequent investigation into their family reveals some interesting secrets and leads them into danger they could have never imagined. EXCERPT Lee and Cord thought they were finished cleaning out Uncle Phil's house.

It had already taken two weeks to complete all the arrangements and other tasks necessary after a family member dies. With Uncle Phil being the pack rat he was in general, and inclined to keep every scrap of paper, book, magazine article, newspaper article, and any other media he found with information about his specialty, the removal of all of his accumulation was taking a great deal of additional time. Uncle Phil was a historian, with his main work and interest being Pennsylvanian sports teams.

Having taught at the college level all his adult life, he had literally tons of material. Most of it was going to various colleges and museums, and some to libraries. The rest would simply be stored with everything else that did not have another home.

Out of respect for their uncle, neither Lee nor Cord were inclined to destroy any of it. Since their family business had three large warehouses, one with climate-controlled areas, those things would be taken there and stored. “Until such time as we can actually do something else with it,” Lee told Cord when they loaded the last of the boxes in the hired truck that would take the material to Florida.

“Better take one last walk through,” Cord said, as the truck drove away. He wiped his forehead. It was a hot and humid day here in the rural area outside Philadelphia.

“Probably right,” Lee replied, taking a long drink from her water bottle. “Never know what Uncle Phil might have put somewhere and forgot about.” They went in the front door and turned right. The big, rambling old house had many rooms, some connected directly together, others opening off hallways.

It took a full hour to go through each room, open each door in each room, and check what was behind it. They had been careful and thorough during the cleanup, so did not find anything they had missed. Until they got to Uncle Phil's bedroom, the last room on the walk through.

A quick look around the empty room, and the last thing to check was the closet. Both remembered emptying it out, but they did not cut corners for anything, because in their line of work, cutting corners could cost a life. Cord opened the closet door of the walk-in closet, and Lee stepped inside.

The house had been updated several times since it was built in the late 1700s, and Uncle Phil's bedroom suite had been the latest one, incorporating an en suite bath and the large walk-in closet. Lee did a slow turn, looking at the bare walls, clothes hanging racks and bars, and the many cubbyholes for Uncle Phil's infamous sweater collection. Just to be sure, Lee opened the cabinets that had held odds and ends.

As she was closing the last one, something caught her eye and she paused, staring, the door held half open. “Lee?” Cord asked when he saw her squat down and look closer. “Cord, come look at this,” Lee said, moving over so Cord could squat down beside her.

“Did you notice this before?” It took a moment for Cord to see what Lee was pointing toward. “No. I didn't,” he said.

Standing, Cord went to the end of the base cabinets and looked at the wall. “I do not believe this,” he said, reaching out to touch a switch on the wall. Some lights that would illuminate whatever was hanging on the closet pole below them came on.

A few seconds later, a wall panel slowly swung open toward him.