Twisted City (Twisted City Book 1) by Rebekah Vasick - PDF and EPUB eBook

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On the run from the demons in her past, Eva ends up in Twisted City, sharing an apartment with her best friend, Alice....

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Details of Twisted City (Twisted City Book 1)

Exact title of the book
Twisted City (Twisted City Book 1)
Book author
Rebekah Vasick
Book edition
Number of pages
358 pages
June 14th 2019
File size (in PDF)
1432 kB
Twisted City (Twisted City Book 1)

Some brief overview of book

On the run from the demons in her past, Eva ends up in Twisted City, sharing an apartment with her best friend, Alice. Desperate for money, she applies for a job singing at a local nightclub. When she meets the owner, Angelo, there's no denying the pull she feels towards him, despite his reputation as a ladie's man.

But Angelo has a secret of his own: his real job is as a capo for one of the city's most notorious mob bosses. It seems that he's just as dangerous as the people she's running from, but is he really? Or is he capable of being the protector Eva so desperately needs?

Can she trust him with her life, and more importantly, with her heart? Trigger Warning Though Twisted City is a romance novel, it does come with some pretty deep messages that involve child abuse and sexual abuse. What happened to Eva is horrific and happens to many others, in many different forms.

Not just strangers, but in marriages, families, and by those who claim to love us. The purpose of this story is to show there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even after the most degrading, humiliating, tortuous acts one human being can inflict on another, joy and love can prevail.

My hope is to let victims know they are strong, they are beautiful, and they are most certainly not alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to others. There are many support groups to help you through this.

If you are triggered by stories about child abuse or sexual abuse, this book probably isn’t for you. It is graphic in nature (not just the attack) but it is needed to get the message across.